Does Your Blog Have ADD?

6 Figure Blogging
Ive been participating in 6 Figure Blogging with Darren from and Andy Wibbels from 6 Apart.  Most of the course so far has been fairly elementary for those who have been blogging for a while.  Indeed, I almost wish there was a disclaimer before I plunked down the money that would have rated the course on a sliding scare between Beginner and Expert blogging knowledge.

One of the things that did catch my interest was the subject of message on your blog.   The analogy given was a good one, and one I am trying to find some kind of balance for in my own blog here on

Imagine going into a bookstore and looking for a magazine.  You are thinking of going skiing in Colorado this winter, so you go from one shelf to another, and come to a section marked Sports.  There tucked in back of the latest NBA news you spot a magazine called “Colorado Skiing” that was exactly what you were looking for.  You pay for the magazine and go home.

Now, think of what it would be like to go to the book store and instead of having a skiing magazine, you had a “Sports” magazine.   Inside you had all sports imaginable and maybe 1 article on skiing in Colorado.   Now back up yet another level, maybe there was one magazine on …. everything.   This magazine had articles on computers, decorating, potty training your child, baseball, fixing cars, politics, Britney Spears – everything in the world.

And that is where you find most personal blogs.

I love my blog here at, but the fact is it will not, and can not, ever be used to do the almighty M – “monetize.”   The only blogs/podcasts that seem to do well that are personal blogs are celebrities. (ie: Wil Wheaton, Adam Curry, among others.)

So what does your blog say about your tastes?

Posting Categories
One of the easiest ways to judge if your blog has a tight or broad focus is to look at your category list.   If you see more than 10 categories on your blog, then your net may be too big.  A focused blog may have 5 or less categories that posts fall into.
When you go to make a new blog post, and are considering making a new category, think carefully about what you are doing.   If you are adding a category, then your net is about to get even larger, and you may risk alienating those who have started coming to your blog because of another topic you wrote about.

Monetize? Blasphemy!
If you don’t have any aspirations to  monetize your blog, then by all means talk about anything and everything.   But if you have any interest on focusing on a niche to help earn some extra money, then focusing your blog’s entries and categories on that niche will benefit you from the start.