I’ve had the idea for a new business / hobby for a while now.   It was something I was somewhat involved in when I lived in Los Angeles, and I even wrote a book about it.  Sounds like the perfect niche, right?


See, like in so many businesses and niches, there are people always out to destroy you.   Just as we are seeing in the presidential race, people judge you by the associations you have had in the past – no matter how minor.   The fact of the matter is, that if you put yourself out there enough, eventually you are going to have dealings with, or encounters with, people whom you later find out are “bad.”

But back to the niche…

Besides the fear that people will judge me by my past associations (the bad ones, not the good ones) there has been one thing holding me back.   One thing that I can point to and say “If I only had … that!    If I only had one, it would make a difference.  Man, if I only had one I would get this business started and it would take off.   Man, if I only had one of those, I’d be happy.”

What is it?

A label printer.

Now before you laugh and call me names, hear me out.  Think about this great business tool.  No more would I need to waste a whole sheet of labels to mail out just one letter or package.   A label printer- a personal label printer (preferable a Twin Turbo) is all I need to be successful.

If only I had…. a label printer.

I had been blaming my inability or laziness starting the business on this inanimate object.  This thing that had a simple function – to print out an address on a sticky piece of paper.  But yet it was the most powerful thing in the universe.   It was stopping me from realizing what could be my dream.

Thursday I bought my label printer.


What obstacles have you created in your mind that are stopping you from reaching your goals?   Are they real or just mental blocks you have installed so you don’t hold yourself responsible for your actions or inactions.  Pick an obstacle today and decide to remove it… see what happens.

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  1. Lee Stranahan

    Yep, great point…
    Sometimes, though, I think that period of ‘putting off’ can actually be a period of preparation, not just procrastination. If you find yourself beating yourself up for procrastination it helps to know the difference.

  2. scottpenton

    Interesting post, the product I’ve been thinking about is the new Mac Book Pro, so I can make some iphone apps that I have in mind, my Powerbook G4 I am unable to make them for it doesn’t have a intel processor, it has the older PowerPC processor. However, a MBP costs a lot, so that’s what’s holding me back, hopefully soon. By the way I saw this post on twitter from Chris Brogan.

  3. Alice Yoo

    A label printer is a brilliant idea! Even more brilliant, however, is how you used it to create a great story of empowerment. It’s wonderful to read these type of blog posts – makes us all a little bit stronger. Thanks!

  4. Troy

    Yes Time is a tough one. I’m currently re-reading (which doesn’t take long) The Dip and I’m really starting to take it to heart.
    There are so many things we do that we really should just plain quit. We’ve always been told not to quit, but those things you keep on doing could be preventing you from doing something you are really “meant” to do.
    Instead of directing a play at the theater, maybe learning the guitar was my thing. Maybe I have a hundred hit songs in my head if I’d just take those first steps. I don’t know.
    Time is a great leverager. Each one of us has the same amount each day, or so I believe. Its how we use it that is the key. Some, myself included, go to a 8-5 job, get home and then start to work on the things that make them happy.
    But is that what you need?
    Time. You CAN remove that obstacle if you concentrate hard enough and want it badly enough. WITHOUT a shot of 5 hour energy, too!

  5. s13cybergal

    I discovered I was afraid of success, when I did an exercise: “if you had everything you needed, what would you do?” thankfully, I’ve grown beyond gut-wrenching fear to daily growth and contentment with the PROCESS instead of only being happy with a result.

  6. Meredith Gould

    Yep, found you through Chris’ tweet.
    Have already had a blissful encounter with the label maker and recently tackled something else holding me back: door knobs. No joke.
    I write all day and I have fibromyalgia, the combination of which had me dreading doing things around my house that required literally opening doors. For example, I’d avoid going down to the basement to scoop cat poop because of the door knob. (TMI? Deal with it.)
    So I invested in lever handles for every door (only 11 of ’em). I was wowed by the relief the physical and emotional relief I felt after they were installed. I hadn’t realized what an energy suck the door knobs had become!

  7. J. Erik Potter

    Great post, Troy. I’ve been pondering this very question lately. I’ve been in a holding pattern since May/June for some reason. My problem is, I can’t figure out what my “label printer” is. . .

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