It can be called blogfading, podfading or just plain laziness – but sooner or later there may come a time when you just don’t have the enthusiasm for the blog or topic you once had? How do you recharge those batteries and get your creativity flowing again?
Find an Expert
Locate an expert in your niche or blog space and reach out and touch someone. Make a connection – comment on their blog. Ideally this should be someone that may have a little bit more exposure than you do so you can learn a few tricks from them. Just write them an email, you may be surprised what you hear back.
Case in point, a speaker I know tells his students/attendees at the end of the conference to try and get through to a celebrity to get a response to a question, an interview, etc. Most of his students, after hearing his speech go on and actually DO get through. Most people think celebrities are inaccessible – but determination, confidence and just trying can go a long way.
Once you establish a relationship, trade RSS feeds, twitter follow, etc. You have not only met a colleague, but maybe a friend and confidant. explore that, repeat that, gain new insights and ideas.
Go to a Meetup
Explore local meetups in your area for other people who might share your interest in technology, if not necessarily your niche.   There are bound to be meetups within an hour drive once a month that you can attend and meet other people that are active in the space.  These local connections are a great resource – since they are going through the same pains that you are in your local area.   Get involved!
Attend a Convention or Camp 
When I think of growing up and recharging my excitement for something, one of the best examples was going to Boy Scout Camp.   After camp you are rearing to go finish more merit badges, advance, do more service projects, etc.   The same kind of recharging can happen after attending a podcamp or blogging convention.
The people you meet at the larger conventions are TOP PICKINGS for getting to know.  These are people who, like you, are passionate about their space, want to grow, and are looking for advice and opportunities to enhance their own business and media offerings.
You HAVE to be proactive in obtaining contacts at these conventions, however.   It is easy – way easy – to sit back and watch all of the other attendees laugh it up and do “live” social networking – but you won’t get anywhere.   Jump into a conversation, the experience is what you make of it.
Hang Onto the Experience 
After attending or recharging your batteries, make sure you get something to remind you of what it was that got you more inspired.   Buy a t-shirt, keep your pass, obtain a transcript, buy the seminar DVD – whatever it is you need to do.  Then revisit that when you are feeling down.
Recharging your batteries is something that everybody needs to do…  recognize when you are starting to fade and get out there!

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  1. Eugene Wong

    Thanks for sharing with us. I appreciate your advice on recharging. I’ve been wrestling with this issue for some time. I finally did a search on it, your blog entry was the first. As I get more information on it, I’ll probably have a better understanding of who I am.

    Sincerely, and with thanks,
    Eugene T.S. Wong

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