They Made Me An Offer I Couldn't Refuse

A few weeks ago I auditioned for a role in another independent film called “South Dakota” which was actually filming about 30 miles west of Des Moines (thanks to Iowa’s new filmmaking tax credits).   I auditioned for the role of a football coach, but as I left the audition, another guy came in for his audition who looked more the part than I ever could… so it didn’t surprise me when I didn’t hear anything back.

This past Thursday I received a voicemail from their production office, asking if I would be interested in a non-speaking “featured extra” role.  When you audition for a film, there is usually a spot on the audition form that says “would you accept a role as an extra” – this is very similar to the same kind of question you have on any audition form for any type of play… high school, community theater – whatever.   In this case I checked “no.”  I have “been there, done that” being part of crowd scenes in TV shows in Los Angeles, and it really doesn’t appeal to me.  For some people in Iowa, “just being in a movie” is enough thrill – but I know better how drawn out and sometimes boring it can be, so I checked no.

The production office wanted to know if I would accept a “featured” extra role, that was not part of a crowd scene.  It would consist of myself and 1 other person doing a scene that is supposed to take place in Philadelphia.

You have probably seen, and possibly made fun of, these type of “featured extra” roles.   They are usually noted by “shouting man” or “man #1″ or sometimes “bar customer #2″  … but the point is they DO get in the credits, whereas most of the crowd extras do not.

So, I said yes.   I’m actually looking forward to it, and will post more details after the filming.  the entertaining part is that we we are filming a scene that takes place in Philadelphia, for a movie called South Dakota, that is actually being filmed in Iowa.

Gotta love the movie business!


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    Hey Troy – I’ve got a couple nephews playing extras in the film. Some football scene at the Earlham High School field. . . They’re excited! Congrats on the role.

    The producers emailed the superintendent (my brother in law) in town and he ignored the calls/emails thinking it was a prank. Didn’t believe it until they showed up in town.

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    Hi Erik – cool!

    Im a little surprised at the amount of phone calls I have received from the production office for such a small (extra) role. They seemed to be very concerned about what I am wearing … which is understandable. But I don’t have any lines and Im being treated like a principle player. 😀

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