My July Monthly Income Report

I’ve been reading Pat Flynn’s remarkable blog at a lot lately, and on his site he details his monthly income.  He doesn’t hide a thing – you can see exactly where his income is coming in. He recently posted his July Income and his results are incredible.

I had success in the past with passive income, but a few years at a job I hated made me bitter and angry I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. As I look forward  and regain that confidence, I thought I too would document my, although meager, earnings in a similar way.

Until I start doing a lot better, this report will be very short. As I increase my profits (hopefully), I hope to detail what I am doing differently so others can learn how to get starting making passive income themselves.

Here we go!

Expense Breakdown

  • Reseller web hosting with Hostgator: $24.95

Income Breakdown

  • Google Adsense: $0 (Earned 85.15 which will be carried over)
  • Amazon Associate sales: 0 (Earned $4.80 which will be carried over to minimum threshold)
  • Kindle version of my book: 0 (Earned $5.52 which will be carried over to minimum threshold)


I did not meet the thresholds for payments on any of my accounts, so did not get paid. Monthly like this hurt. I expect adsense earnings to increase over the next few months as one of my sites is seasonal in the Fall, and one of my sites is seasonal in the winter.

The only way to go is up, right?  Hopefully with Pat’s Niche Site Duel 2.0, that is exactly where it will go!

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