Publications and Narration

Business Around A Lifestyle (2015)

Business Around a LifestyleYou risk never living the lifestyle you’ve always wanted if you don’t at first believe you can have it. How do so many other people seem to have so much success when you don’t? Learn from real entrepreneurs who have done it, and have them tell you how they did it. Then get inspired to do it yourself.

Want to have a life where you work when you want, where you want, and on things you care about? This quick, easy, motivational, and inspirational book will prove to you that it’s possible. It all sounds like such bullcrap, but it’s not. You can build a legitimate new lifestyle that you want if you believe it. Do you? You need to, and this book will get you there.

The Internet has made millionaires out of millions of people: real, regular people who use the power of the Web to build legitimate and longlasting online businesses. Want to know how they did it?

The Ghost of the Philadelphia Experiment Returns (2014)

ghost_philadelphiaDrawing on my podcasting experience, I decided I wanted to try narrating an audiobook. After learning more about the process, I auditioned for a book that was first written by famous UFOlogist Gray Barker entitled “The Ghost of the Philadelphia Experiment Returns. The resulting audiobook is 7 hours long and took several months to both narrate and edit.

The book is listed on both and for purchase. The experience taught me a lot about the process of audiobook narration, as well as promotion and marketing of a finished work on the platforms.

Kids in The Biz: A Hollywood Handbook For Parents (2004)

kidsinthebiz_newfront Troy Rutter has laid out a road map for parents who know they must never stop the process of learning about the business their child finds so appealing.

    —Paul Petersen, President and Founder of A Minor Consideration

You’ve heard the horror stories about stage parents fumbling away their child’s career through ill-informed decisions or alienating their children from the industry by being behind-the-scenes tyrants. So how do you avoid becoming that stage parent while keeping your child happy, healthy, and working? Troy Rutter has helped establish some of Hollywood’s best-known child actors, and in Kids in the Biz, he tells you exactly how to concentrate on getting your kid that big break without breaking up your family life.

So whether you think that your son’s smile would be perfect for television or that Hollywood should bronze your daughter’s star for the Walk of Fame today, read Kids in the Biz before your family takes that first step into the world of child acting.