Following Pat Flynn’s Niche Site Duel #2

I’ve been been interested in Virtual Real Estate (VRE) for many years now.  I have followed through the products and systems of Joel Comm, John Robinson (xFactor) and the old Asense Gold (or something like that).  I have watched my domain registrations balloon to sometimes 200 domain names, all not earning anything (due to my own fault, not Joel or John’s). I then purged those down to what I considered the profitable few, and those only earn $1-$5/day if that.

A couple of months ago I heard of Pat Flynn from  I know, I am late.  I heard of him from a friend and fellow podcaster Cliff Ravenscraft of  Cliff and I go way back, and we finally met at BlogWorld / New Media Expo the past year and even shared a plane ride from Denver to Las Vegas.  I heard of Pat on one of Cliff’s podcasts, so I checked out his web site, expecting to see the usual marketing blitz, hype and little content.

I was wrong.

I looked deeper at Pat’s website and saw a wealth of information.  Finally I could see someone actually doing what I had tried to do so many times in the past, and teaching others how to do it too.  Instead of general examples and “buy my course,” Pat offers real case studies and his journey towards creating a full-time passive income.  Eventually I found the details of his Niche Site Duel with Tyrone Shum.

I participated in several of Ed Dale’s Thirty Day Challenges, but those were very elementary, and I am past making my “first dollar” on the Internet.  The niche site duel followed Pat and Tyrone building a niche site from scratch, and working to get it ranked and making money.  I still haven’t read all of the challenge, but already I am approaching things a different way.

This past week, Pat mentioned he will be doing the Niche Site Duel #2. I will be following this duel as well, and this time putting a lot of effort into doing things concurrent with his.  I have already chosen a niche (I hope!) and will eagerly be following his progress, examples, and advice as I try to finally find a niche making more than $1/day and hopefully $10 or even $100.  In my despair I sometimes say there are no unfound niches out there, but that is not the case – they are just waiting.

The Internet wants great content, and if you are able to put some effort into it, and not just put up spammy sites, I still believe there is an opportunity to make some real income from a portfolio of web sites.

I will keep everybody posted on my progress!

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