Crowning Royalty

I received an envelope from my publisher, and I furiously opened it up. Last time I received a statement, in September, I was very close to the “break even” point where my book had almost made me back my royalty amount. In other words, soon I was going to get paid again for the book! Yippee!

I opened it up and read it… $34.

Ok, so I made it over the limit by about 34 books, no problem. Then at the bottom of the statement…

“Balances under $100 carry over to next statement.”

Sigh. Oh well, so now I need more people to buy the book so I can get my first check. Cmon, you know you want to buy the book. Just click on the book over there on the right hand side of the page and then click on “Order Online” to order through Amazon, Barnes & Noble or even Walmart.

Every home needs the book. Really! Your bookshelf told me so.


  1. says

    TROY!!!!! Way to go! Haven’t talked to you in years…And now I find out that you’ve spent all your time since high school making yourself rich and famous…Way to go!

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