Phoenix Comicon 2013 Day One Recap

This is just my personal recap, so please do not expect a complete rundown of the day and every little thing that happened... After going to bed at around 12:30 on Thursday, I was up at 3:30 to begin tidying things up in preparation of my flight to Phoenix for Phoenix Comicon 2013. As I was getting ready to go, I zipped up my brand new luggage only to find BOTH main compartment zippers were off the tracks, and there was no hope of getting them back on  I shuffled everything into my laptop bag … [Read more...]

You Can’t Be An Expert In A Week


When Peter Shankman ( told me to get out of my comfort zone, he told me this: "Can you take a few days and get the hell out of town and do totally different things? Things that have NOTHING to do with your professional life? The goal is to try something new - Learn new things about yourself - You'd be surprised where those might lead..." Now, I'm pretty sure he meant to take a weekend trip out of my area, maybe a few hours drive, settle into a nice hotel or bread and … [Read more...]

The 10 Best 80's Science Fiction Shows

Recently I have been viewing a few of my favorite TV shows from the 1980's via all sorts of outlets, and I have compiled my list of 10 best science-fiction TV shows of the 1980's.    Hope you enjoy. 10. The Powers of Matthew Star I only vaguely remember this show, but I remember an episode where he saves people by astral projecting inside a building that is about to blow up.   Anything with telekinesis and psychic powers were always on the best list. 9. V Ok, this should really rank hire for … [Read more...]

Maria Bello Connection

One of my jobs as the "community manager" at Warner Bros. Online was conducting interviews with celebrities.  Most of these came from Warner Bros. type show and movies, but occasionally we did these "chats" with random celebrities... especially in coordination with the TV show EXTRA. Since I was the coordinator of the chats, we usually had people phone in and I would both type for the celebrity, and conduct the question screening / run the event.   Occasionally we would send a crew on location, … [Read more...]

No Magic Left in Narnia

It has been three years since we followed the Pevensie siblings on the big screen, and the magic that was felt as they went through the wardbrobe and into the land of Narnia has all but been extinguished by a film that fails to impress and plays instead to the lower end of the PG rating scale. The Return of the Kings and Queens The previous film left off with the two Kings and Queens coming back through the wardrobe after many years of ruling Narnia as adults.  Upon their return to the real … [Read more...]