The 10 Best 80's Science Fiction Shows

Recently I have been viewing a few of my favorite TV shows from the 1980’s via all sorts of outlets, and I have compiled my list of 10 best science-fiction TV shows of the 1980’s.    Hope you enjoy. 10. The Powers of Matthew Star I only vaguely remember this show, but I remember an episode […]

Maria Bello Connection

One of my jobs as the “community manager” at Warner Bros. Online was conducting interviews with celebrities.  Most of these came from Warner Bros. type show and movies, but occasionally we did these “chats” with random celebrities… especially in coordination with the TV show EXTRA. Since I was the coordinator of the chats, we usually […]

Report from the set of "South Dakota"

One of the reasons I grew up wanting to be in films, or work in them, was somewhat tied to the fact that I would get to travel all over the world shooting movies.   The reality that not everything is at it seems hit home only last week, when I was asked to be a […]

They Made Me An Offer I Couldn't Refuse

A few weeks ago I auditioned for a role in another independent film called “South Dakota” which was actually filming about 30 miles west of Des Moines (thanks to Iowa’s new filmmaking tax credits).   I auditioned for the role of a football coach, but as I left the audition, another guy came in for his […]

"Celebrity" Apprentice – According to Whom?

Reality shows have it bad these days.     I admit growing up, I would tune into Circus of the Stars, or Battle of the Network Stars.  It was fun seeing the celebrities you saw every night on TV battle each other in kayaks or run around in a cage with lions.  Nowadays, however, with the reality […]

IMDB StarMeter

For some reason my IMDB StarMeter is up 208%, which according to IMDB Pro means I am at #90,000 out of over 2 million people listed on IMDB. Dunno why, but there ya go. Of course it got me to pay the $14.95 to subscribe to IMDB pro, maybe that is what it intended….


When I first auditioned for a show at the Ames Community Theater, I had no idea that the path I was headed down would lead me to being the 1st Vice President for the second year in a row. Now, in reality, it’s not that extraordinary. I mean, it’s just another organization right? Well, it […]