Mevio/Podshow Podcast Plays

I had  a podcast “before it was cool” back in 2006. I hosted them on Adam Curry’s network Podshow, which promised to help people “quit your day job” and eventually became mevio, and then they pretty much stopped supporting podcasts by “normal” people altogether. However, I managed to sign in and my stats were still […]

Troy Needs an iPod

One of my most infamous forays into the national podcasting spotlight came at the peak of Adam Curry’s popularity doing his Daily Source Code. At the time, I was an avid podcaster, but I did not have an iPod or MP3 device of my own. So, I looked to the Internet and asked for donations […]

Rutter’s Ramblings #68

Latest and Greatest episode of Rutter’s Ramblings. Getting back into the swing of things. Some of the levels are off, but its good to be back talking with you again.

Rutter’s Ramblings #67

Rutters Ramblings is back again this week with details regarding the filming of my new motion picture “South Dakota” as well as my take on the recent Podshow renaming to Mevio. Features include the Weekly Autograph and the return of the Lindsay Lohan moment.

Rutter’s Ramblings #66

Short show this week. Podcamp Boston 2 recap, and being “everything” instead of “something.” Plus a short discussion on networking with other podcasters and bloggers.

NASA, K-12 and Podcasting

I received an email from a family I know asking me to view and vote for their daughter’s video podcast. The contest is being run by The World’s Forum for Aerospace Leadership in collaboration with NASA, so obviously I was interested.   I’m not quite sure why these things are being called podcasts, and not merely […]

Happy 2nd Birthday to My Podcast

Rutter’s Ramblings is 2 years old today. I really need to do a new show…. New Phone number – 206-888-2493, the other one was disabled for lack of use.  Call and wish me a happy birthday!