Adding FitBit Stats to Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

{EAV:ded17e0817e97bac} Recently I re-started a blog, One Man’s Loss, where I detail my journey trying to finally shed years of excess weight and eat healthy.  Having purchased a FitBit after The Brand Chef insisted, I wanted a way to show my daily stats on my blog. The problem is, the FitBit data doesn’t readily allow […]

Sinking "The Fat Tub"

Almost a year and a half ago (has it been that long?)  I participated in a weight-loss “group” with some bloggers and epreneurs headed by Colin Devroe.  During the summer, combined with both the group and preparing for the renaissance festival, I did indeed lose about 15-20 lbs over the course of the summer.  Not […]

I Can't Cook… or can I?

One of the hard things for me about sticking to a “diet” is the fact that I can’t cook.  Or rather, I don’t THINK that I can cook, because its so much easier to go to Wendys and get that Spicy Chicken sandwich with fries – Biggie size. Last night on Dateline (ABC) I saw […]

Gym Report – Day 3

This is my third time going to the gym, in the 4 days since I joined (I skipped one day, Sunday mebbe?)  I was going to not go tonight, since I had a meeting that didn’t get over till shortly after 9.  I feel kind of bad not giving “someone” a proper goodbye tonight, but […]

Two Plus Two

Theres a certain truism that happens when you begin a workout program at a gym.  I am only in day three of my membership, and my second visit, but already I am feeling the effects.  Not just the decreased level of stress and overall feeling after a workout, but there is one thing that you […]

And So It Begins

Ok, so it’s not only one of the most used Babylon 5 quotes, but also one of my most used blog subjects.  Sue me. Today I did something that will make people gasp and faint in shock. Colin, are you listening? I joined the gym. There is a gym about 2 blocks away from me […]

Resetting The-Diet

Ok, Colin – I’m back in. But, I’m going to press the reset button one more time… and restart at Week One. So next Monday I will post the results of “Week 1″  – Ive got some serious catching up to do. [TAGS]the-diet,Colin Devroe,Troy Rutter, diet, fitness[/TAGS]

New (or old) habits

Ive read on the Internetwebs that it takes between 21-30 days to forge a new habit.  Which, is why some people were still writing the year as 2006 until a little over a week ago. Yesterday was the beginning of my “get back in the habit” of eating well and >gasp< exercising.  I had fallen […]