Adding FitBit Stats to Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

{EAV:ded17e0817e97bac} Recently I re-started a blog, One Man's Loss, where I detail my journey trying to finally shed years of excess weight and eat healthy.  Having purchased a FitBit after The Brand Chef insisted, I wanted a way to show my daily stats on my blog. The problem is, the FitBit data doesn't readily allow us to embed its stats (yet) so I had to find another way. The Brand Chef noticed there was a link to sharing FitBit stats on a page, and thought I should … [Read more...]

Hello The Diet

Ok, so I am back on The Diet (Hi Colin!)  for real.  I have even joined an organization called "Lighten Up Iowa" to provide an even more intense "team" feeling to help lose weight. Since the original diet, I have fallen quite a bit.   I gained a lot of weight back when I was directing a play because I would go from work, to McDonalds, to rehearsal. So I started last week at 239, and this week and at 234.  So I am officially restarting "the diet" again.  My weigh ins will be on  … [Read more...]

Sinking "The Fat Tub"

Almost a year and a half ago (has it been that long?)  I participated in a weight-loss "group" with some bloggers and epreneurs headed by Colin Devroe.  During the summer, combined with both the group and preparing for the renaissance festival, I did indeed lose about 15-20 lbs over the course of the summer.  Not bad. But like all good things, I got lazy.  Especially during the winter, and then last year I wasn't working out swordfighting, so I've grown and grown.  And now, I seem to be a proud … [Read more...]

I Can't Cook… or can I?

One of the hard things for me about sticking to a "diet" is the fact that I can't cook.  Or rather, I don't THINK that I can cook, because its so much easier to go to Wendys and get that Spicy Chicken sandwich with fries - Biggie size. Last night on Dateline (ABC) I saw mention of The Abs Diet, a bestseller that not only says why foods work, but includes 12 major foods that are "good" that can be mixed any way you want.   And the best part - the menus / recipes are "male friendly." So here is … [Read more...]