Attending New Media Expo on a Budget

New Media Expo on a Budget

Having attended three previous New Media Expos (formerly Blogworld) and planning another trip to Las Vegas for 2014, I am always trying to find ways to get the most out of the conference, but on a smaller budget each time. I have discovered some simple ways to save money at the conference while maximizing the opportunities. Before The Conference At The Conference Before The Conference Register Early Pricing for New Media Expo (NMX) is tiered with several different price points … [Read more...]

My July Monthly Income Report

I've been reading Pat Flynn's remarkable blog at a lot lately, and on his site he details his monthly income.  He doesn't hide a thing - you can see exactly where his income is coming in. He recently posted his July Income and his results are incredible. I had success in the past with passive income, but a few years at a job I hated made me bitter and angry I wasn't seeing the results I wanted. As I look forward  and regain that confidence, I thought I too would … [Read more...]

Phoenix Comicon 2013 Day One Recap

This is just my personal recap, so please do not expect a complete rundown of the day and every little thing that happened... After going to bed at around 12:30 on Thursday, I was up at 3:30 to begin tidying things up in preparation of my flight to Phoenix for Phoenix Comicon 2013. As I was getting ready to go, I zipped up my brand new luggage only to find BOTH main compartment zippers were off the tracks, and there was no hope of getting them back on  I shuffled everything into my laptop bag … [Read more...]

Following Pat Flynn’s Niche Site Duel #2

I've been been interested in Virtual Real Estate (VRE) for many years now.  I have followed through the products and systems of Joel Comm, John Robinson (xFactor) and the old Asense Gold (or something like that).  I have watched my domain registrations balloon to sometimes 200 domain names, all not earning anything (due to my own fault, not Joel or John's). I then purged those down to what I considered the profitable few, and those only earn $1-$5/day if that. A couple of months ago I heard … [Read more...]

Friends Sometimes Say No

A year or so ago, I asked CC Chapman, whom I had known through social media, and met a few of times, to be  a reference for me on a job application.  This position was a "social media" job with a huge health care company in the state of Iowa, and since I was friends with CC I sent a quick note asking him if it would be ok to list him. I didn't expect the answer I received. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with this because I can't talk to your working style and such and that is what … [Read more...]