2013 – Looking Back at My 3 Words For The Year

Last year I set 3 words that I were going to define 2013.  These were:  Self, Passion and Journey. With 2014 coming up in a couple of weeks, it is  time to evaluate how I did. Self The core thought behind this word was weight loss, but it also encompassed mental weight loss, and personal […]

Attending New Media Expo on a Budget

New Media Expo on a Budget

Having attended three previous New Media Expos (formerly Blogworld) and planning another trip to Las Vegas for 2014, I am always trying to find ways to get the most out of the conference, but on a smaller budget each time. I have discovered some simple ways to save money at the conference while maximizing the […]

Following Pat Flynn’s Niche Site Duel #2

I’ve been been interested in Virtual Real Estate (VRE) for many years now.  I have followed through the products and systems of Joel Comm, John Robinson (xFactor) and the old Asense Gold (or something like that).  I have watched my domain registrations balloon to sometimes 200 domain names, all not earning anything (due to my […]

Friends Sometimes Say No

A year or so ago, I asked CC Chapman, whom I had known through social media, and met a few of times, to be  a reference for me on a job application.  This position was a “social media” job with a huge health care company in the state of Iowa, and since I was friends […]

You Can’t Be An Expert In A Week


When Peter Shankman (http://www.shankman.com) told me to get out of my comfort zone, he told me this: “Can you take a few days and get the hell out of town and do totally different things? Things that have NOTHING to do with your professional life? The goal is to try something new – Learn new things about yourself – […]

3 Words for 2013


This is a little early for this post, but after reading CC Chapman‘s new book, Amazing Things Will Happen, I felt it was a good idea to get my “3 Words” in my mind early, make up some posters to put around the house, and really think about them before I made a private – […]



I was constructing a fairly serious blog entry in my head this morning as I was taking my morning walk around downtown Ames. I have a usual pattern I follow, but this time I cut that pattern short and then detoured across town and down a street towards the high school.  As I turned the […]

Not Everybody is a Social Media Fan


Last week I had the opportunity to attend an afternoon talk by Jason Falls, part of the Social IRL series.  The event was held at the Des Moines Science Center and was fairly well attended. I’ve been a huge skeptic of “Email Marketing” over the years, but Jason’s new book was coming out and advance […]

Awesome PR or Violation of Privacy?


Everybody within social media has done it at some point, as have countless thousands (or millions) of others: complained about a product or service using social media.  From Twitter, to Facebook, to Foursquare, it is easy to go on your phone and tell the world about the bad experience you had at a business. But […]