Day One on Audible ACX

While attending New Media Expo 2014, I sat in on a panel about Audible ACX, a place that connects books seeking narrators, and narrators seeking work. By the end of the panel I was hooked, and knew that in order to maximize my chances of getting started, I had to take massive action now. I went to the ACX website and signed up for an account. The process is relatively painless, with the hardest part trying to decide what my hourly rate is. I kept that part blank. Even though I had registered a … [Read more...]

3 Words For 2014

3 Words for 2014

I started doing the "3  Words" project a couple of years ago after seeing friends CC Chapman and Chris Brogan share theirs via their social networks. More than New Year Resolutions, choosing 3 words helps drive your decisions year round. Distinct goals can be added to the 3 Words, or they can just be a sense of general direction - it is up to you. My 3 Words for 2014 are:   Health Building on the foundation I started last year, I want to continue to encourage a healthy lifestyle … [Read more...]

2013 – Looking Back at My 3 Words For The Year

Last year I set 3 words that I were going to define 2013.  These were:  Self, Passion and Journey. With 2014 coming up in a couple of weeks, it is  time to evaluate how I did. Self The core thought behind this word was weight loss, but it also encompassed mental weight loss, and personal growth as well. In 2013 I had several victories that could fall into this category: Went from 255 to 220 lbs. (Although I am back up to 235 now due to a multitude of issues in October-present.) Got taken … [Read more...]

How I Lost Weight And Became More Productive – All Before 5am

Starting in May, I was able to increase my personal and professional productivity and lose weight by modifying my habits and values. Since this time I have lost over 30 lbs, and consistently get more done in the morning than I used to all day, before most people even wake up. My Daily Routine This is possible due to a change in my daily routine. Over the years, I have learned I am a morning person. I can do more things in the morning, rather than saving them until night. When I go on trips I … [Read more...]

Attending New Media Expo on a Budget

New Media Expo on a Budget

Having attended three previous New Media Expos (formerly Blogworld) and planning another trip to Las Vegas for 2014, I am always trying to find ways to get the most out of the conference, but on a smaller budget each time. I have discovered some simple ways to save money at the conference while maximizing the opportunities. Before The Conference At The Conference Before The Conference Register Early Pricing for New Media Expo (NMX) is tiered with several different price points … [Read more...]