3 Words For 2014

I started doing the “3 ¬†Words” project a couple of years ago after seeing friends CC Chapman and Chris Brogan share theirs via their social networks. More than New Year Resolutions, choosing 3 words helps drive your decisions year round. Distinct goals can be added to the 3 Words, or they can just be a sense of general direction – it is up to you.

My 3 Words for 2014 are:

3 Words for 2014



Building on the foundation I started last year, I want to continue to encourage a healthy lifestyle both in terms of fitness and outlook on life.

  • Goal: Attain weighing 185 lbs by June 2014.
  • Goal: Retest sleep apnea and be taken off of CPAP device.


Rather than use my Passion word from last year, I expanded this to Platform. I still need to find that passion that drives me, but I need to expand that into a platform on which to build a blog, podcast, book, courses, etc, to help me achieve my goal of running my own business by helping people.

  • Goal: Find the one thing I really want to do and go for it.
  • Goal: Create a podcast around that goal and produce weekly episodes.
  • Goal: Speak at New Media Expo 2015.


I support a variety of causes. Some I give money to, some I give volunteer time too – all are important. I want to be able to do more for these causes. If not directly contributing money, I would like to help more in terms of fundraising and setting goals for these organizations to attain.

  • Goal: Contribute $1,000 to each of 3 charities I support, by becoming financially stable.

Final Thoughts

Last year I put my 3 words on a dark black background. While I hung it on my wall, it didn’t exactly promote inspiration. This year you will notice my 3 words are put over a sunrise. One of the side effects of getting up early to work on my fitness is being able to see sunrises every morning. Sitting in silence, watching the sun rise, while planning the day ahead is very powerful. I highly encourage it to become a daily habit, even if you only get up a few minutes before.

If you have 3 words you are planning for 2014, feel free to post them below, or tweet me at @trutter. I look forward to hearing them.




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