Lessons From Chris Brogan’s Site Re-Design

Many bloggers, like me, suffer from two different mindsets when it comes to their blog design.  First, a design gets “old” even after a few months.  Second, they are never satisfied with how their blog looks, so they install the latest template they find, or the newest plugin, and the cycle repeats itself.  Eventually they […]

The Dangers of Streaming Content

A couple of months ago I was speaking to a fellow Central Iowa Blogger (CIB) member, Justin Brady of Test of Time Design, about streaming video, Redbox, Netflix, and and assortment of other content providers like Amazon, Hulu and Apple Tv. In the wake of George Lucas releasing the complete Star Wars Trilogy on Blu-Ray […]

Unmarketing by Scott Stratten Book Review

I first heard of Scott at the 2010 Blogworld in Las Vegas when he leapt (almost literally) onto the stage to give one of the keynote presentations. Having never heard of him before, I quickly wondered how I had gone so long without hearing of him, as his presentation was full of a kind of […]

What Is a PR Rank?

page rank

Question: What does [it] mean by blog rank PR 1/ 2 / 3 etc ? A “PR” ranking is short for a Google Page Rank. Simply put, the Google Page Rank is a number from 0-10 on how “popular” google considers your site.  The term popular is a misnomer really, because the actual calculations google […]

How Can I Maintain the Same Content On Two Blogs?

Question: Can I have maintain same content in wordpress and blogger blog,if the answer is yes means ..how can i import the data to blogger to wordpress? This is a tough question to answer because there are so many different tangents that can go off from examining it in detail.  The intricacies of the question […]