Chemistry Set vs Radio Kit Learning


Recently, I witnessed something that intrigued me but gave it little thought at the time. During some online webinar training with a few colleagues, I became aware of the different ways people learn and troubleshoot problems. After listening to Seth … [Read more]

Don’t Fake Engagement


In recent rears we have all heard that it is "all about engagement." The page "hits" and pageviews are no longer an accurate indication of how popular a website, tweet or Facebook post is about. Now all we seem to care about are Likes, shares and … [Read more]

Day One on Audible ACX

While attending New Media Expo 2014, I sat in on a panel about Audible ACX, a place that connects books seeking narrators, and narrators seeking work. By the end of the panel I was hooked, and knew that in order to maximize my chances of getting … [Read more]

3 Words For 2014

3 Words for 2014

I started doing the "3  Words" project a couple of years ago after seeing friends CC Chapman and Chris Brogan share theirs via their social networks. More than New Year Resolutions, choosing 3 words helps drive your decisions year round. Distinct … [Read more]

Attending New Media Expo on a Budget

New Media Expo on a Budget

Having attended three previous New Media Expos (formerly Blogworld) and planning another trip to Las Vegas for 2014, I am always trying to find ways to get the most out of the conference, but on a smaller budget each time. I have discovered some … [Read more]