Mevio/Podshow Podcast Plays

I had  a podcast "before it was cool" back in 2006. I hosted them on Adam Curry's network Podshow, which promised to help people "quit your day job" and eventually became mevio, and then they pretty much stopped supporting podcasts by "normal" people … [Read more]

Day One on Audible ACX

While attending New Media Expo 2014, I sat in on a panel about Audible ACX, a place that connects books seeking narrators, and narrators seeking work. By the end of the panel I was hooked, and knew that in order to maximize my chances of getting … [Read more]

3 Words For 2014

I started doing the "3  Words" project a couple of years ago after seeing friends CC Chapman and Chris Brogan share theirs via their social networks. More than New Year Resolutions, choosing 3 words helps drive your decisions year round. Distinct … [Read more]